Security Fencing

We offer all aspects of Security fencing – Palisade or types of Mesh. With every fence we install we also offer a vast range of gates to match.

If you’re looking for a fence which separates the many aspects of your premises and is an effective deterrent due to its inviting styling and security features, then a palisade fence is the one for you! Even though these fences are difficult to climb they don’t take too long to install. With a combination of cross rails and vertical pales, this allows the system to follow the contours of the ground. Palisade can be supplied galvanised or galvanised with polyester powdered coating any colour of your choice.

Having a mesh type fence gives you a sense of style with it’s aesthetically pleasing look and a whole lot of security with its strong anti vandal rigid panel fence. It’s V shaped beams at the top, centre and bottom edges, provides an integral support system between the box section posts. The mesh is extremely difficult to penetrate using your average tools thus providing a high delay factor.  This fencing is supplied in a polyester powdered coat finish in a variety of colours. Mesh Fencing is available in many different heights and supplied in various width panels according to the technical design specification.

Feather Edge Board Fencing

A feather edge board fence is your most common type of fence. They offer a simple yet sleek look to your domestic or commercial property. They are great for keeping your garden safe and keeping your private land, private. Feather edge boards are made from overlapping pales that are fixed to horizontal rails, these are secured to posts and dug into the ground. The great thing about these fences is that they offer a sense of security and privacy without the scary look of your average security fence.

We are able to supply and install feather edge boards in large quantities to your site or home. Whether it’s for your back garden or a beer garden, we can have your fence up in no time. You are also able to choose the thickness of your pales for a feather edge board fence, to ensure your fence offers the sense of security that you want/need. Call us today to start the planning process of your fence.

Acoustic Fencing

If you want some peace and quiet in your garden or a school playground, our acoustic fences are the best when it comes to delivering great noise reduction performance, sustainability and security and importantly, to blend in with the surrounding environment. Acoustic fencing is also great for car parks, construction sites and sports venues.

When it comes to fitting your acoustic fence,we take into accounts all of your needs. This means we make sure how effective your chosen noise barriers and acoustic fencing absorb and reflect sound, and also whether they look right for each particular location, and how easy they are to maintain. We also assess your needs to ensure we fully meet both your current and future requirements. Don’t forget that we also offer a gate to match the fence that you have gone for and install it for you as well!

Site Hoarding

Protect the community around you from your construction site with site hoarding. This type of fencing protects the location from intruders as well as creating a safe perimeter around the site. We offer different types of construction site hoardings which can be installed around your work site to offer complete security and safety of your site.

We offer a range of different types of materials to create your site hoarding. From wooden to metal, our site hoarding applications can be useful for any site. For a high sense of security, metal hoardings are great for keeping vandals out of your site and keeping machinery and equipment on the inside of the fence. Metal hoardings are also compatible with our mesh fencing to provide a comprehensive security system for your property. Wooden hoardings are tailor made from ethically sourced timber to suit any site. These hoardings easily accommodate gates for vehicles and pedestrians.

Temporary Site Fencing

Whether for a few days or a few months, we supply and install a range of site hoardings to suit your temporary needs. You should never not use site hoarding, no matter how short the project time is, it is essential to keep those around it safe from any construction work happening. We offer a range of temporary hoardings to choose from, such as timber and steel.

Steel hoardings offer great protection to those inside and outside the site. It stops intruders from entering the premises with it being an anti climb material. Steel hoardings are incredibly strong, this helps to keep the construction site private and almost impossible to break into. Timber hoardings provide a high level of security which is ideal for construction sites. Just like our long time hoarding installations, our temporary timber hoardings are tailor made to suit any site. All of our timber used for hoardings are ethically sourced.

Specialist School Fencing

When it comes to finding the right fence to protect your school or park, being able to guarantee the best security and safety for pupils and teachers is our top priority. We know it can be quite a complicated task to find the right fence which is why we want to help you get on the right path to finding the most ideal fence to install at your school.

Having a secure fence can improve your chances of getting a better Ofsted rating, since they know the children will be safe and don’t have to worry about any outside dangers. If you need some advice on getting the best fence for your school then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us so that we can improve the safety of your students and employees right away.

Ball Courts

We design and install any type of ball court fencing to suit your location. This type of fencing can range in height to cater to any light impact sport. Whether you need the fencing to be placed inside or outside, we supply a range of materials to give on-lookers and areas around the court a sense of protection. In order to stop the netting on the fence from sagging, a top rail is put in place with a tension wire running along the fence line to keep the chain link taut.

All of our ball court fencing features a welded mesh with a galvanised finish. This fencing is guaranteed to last 25 years or longer. As well installing and supplying the fence we can also install a gate to allow entrance into your court.

ROSPA Approved Play Fencing

We all know how mischievous kids can be, one second they’re sliding down the slide and then they’re on the swings. As long as they are inside the park fence you have an idea of where they are and know that they are safe. However, some children see anything as a toy and can hurt themselves inside the playground. We supply and install panels which are known as anti-trap bow top fencing. This restricts children from trying to put their heads through railings.

These panels are manufactured using welded tubular pale through rail design to offer a strong structure without visible joints and vandal proof connectors. These panels feature wider gaps between each hoop to prevent children getting their heads, necks or limbs stuck between pales. We are also able to install a gate with your anti-trap bow top fencing.

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