Feather Edge Boarding

A feather edge board fence is your most common type of fence. They offer a simple yet sleek look to your domestic or commercial property. They are great for keeping your garden safe and keeping your private land, private. Feather edge boards are made from overlapping pales that are fixed to horizontal rails, these are secured to posts and dug into the ground. The great thing about these fences is that they offer a sense of security and privacy without the scary look of your average security fence.

We are able to supply and install feather edge boards in large quantities to your site or home. Whether it’s for your back garden or a beer garden, we can have your fence up in no time. You are also able to choose the thickness of your pales for a feather edge board fence, to ensure your fence offers the sense of security that you want/need.

European Panels

European panels give your garden an extra touch of style. They feature a wave top design instead of a plain, straight across edge. These panels are wooden which means they can be touched up with a lick of paint and are also heavy duty, great for keeping your home and the garden private.

We supply and install these panels to give you the garden you’ve always wanted with no stress. Our team are highly qualified when it comes to installing any type of fence, so whatever the size of your back garden, we are able to get the job done.

Concrete Posts and Gravel Boards

Fitting gravel boards with your fence ensures a longer life for your panels. Our boards stop timber fences from rotting, protect feather edge boards from ground level dirt and are also pressure treated so that we can guarantee no rot to appear on your panels.

Concrete fencing posts are a long lasting solution compared to timber posts. Each post features four internal steel reinforcing bars. This provides your fence with strength and durability. It also prevents the panels from rotting over time. Our concrete fence posts fit perfectly with all of our panels.

Picket Fencing

If you want to corner off any dangerous areas in your garden to avoid children from entering, then a picket fence is the one for you. Not only does a cute, little picket fence protect your children and animals as well, but it also adds a sense of character and style to your home. This is what makes picket fences so popular, you’re guaranteed safety as well as being able to make your garden look good.

We can supply and install a picket fence in various styles to suit your style and home. We have an experienced and highly skilled team on hand to advise you on the best practical solution to suit your individual needs. If you’re looking for a picket fence which can enclose a dangerous area of your garden so that your children can enjoy themselves, then look no further, than Hawkesbridge Fencing.

Knee Rail

Knee rail fencing is a great option for when it comes to separating a children’s play area from pathways. It is also great for keeping children out of danger and disappearing from the play area with it being of a certain height. It offers security for the children as the fence is at a knee high level, hence the name ‘knee rail’. Our knee rail fencing is guaranteed to last just over 10 years, keeping plenty of children safe in their play areas for years to come.

Having a knee rail fence offers plenty of space for children in the play area as well a sense of safety and security. These fences also add some character to the playground with their petite, wooden look. We have a highly qualified team who are here to help you every step of the way, from the planning process to the final project.

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