Post & Rail

Stop your livestock from freeing themselves – Install the highest quality agricultural fencing. Today’s farmers require strong agricultural fencing that lasts for years on end and keeps unwanted visitors or animals at bay.

Post & Rail Fencing does just that. This fence is quite an attractive one, with its compromise of sawn square section vertical posts. Additional prick posts are added in between the posts at the mid bay point to give extra support. Even though this fence requires some maintenance to keep it in tacked, it is still mostly durable. This type of fencing is popular for obstructing horses and when it is combined with electric fencing placed on the inside of the top rail, it will stop the horses from chewing and leaning on the fence, preventing you from having to install a new one.

Post & Wire Netting

This animal friendly fencing offers safety and protection to a variety of animals. It also gives the animals plenty of space to roam around in their area. It combines wire netting with a wooden post to keep animals from breaking out into the open of areas they are not supposed to be in. A wire netting guarentees the safety of your animals as there are not able to chew the material and are unable to escape with the netting being strong.

Because of it’s great features, wire netting is very popular for those with small animals. This type of fencing is usually find in chicken runs or an area where you would keep your rabbits or any similar sized animal of that kind. Our experienced team our on hand to help you whenever you need your post & wire netting fence.

Horse Netting

Our horse netting features a wire netting, similar to our wire and post fencing, except this one is much bigger. We supply and install wire netting at a height to suit any breed of horse. From Shetland ponies to Shire horses, we have the correct fencing to guarantee their safety and protection.

This galvanised wire netting prevents your horses from escaping the field. The material is strong which means they won’t be able to chew through the fence. We also install your fence at a certain height which makes it awkward and impossible for horses to jump over. There’s no better fence for your horse friend.

Horse Riding Arena Fencing

Our horse riding arena fencing is made from wood. Having a wooden fence in your arena is a better option than steel since riders could fall of the horse into the fencing, and a wooden fence would prevent less injury compared to a more strong and hard material. This type of fencing also prevents horses from escaping the arena and running around the place with it being installed at a certain height.

We ensure protection with every fence we build. With this type of fencing, we ensure the protection of the audience as well as the rider and their horse. This fence stops the horse from running into the crowd as well as galloping away with the rider if they lose control of the horse. Having this type of fence also gives the horse a sense of direction. They already have their rider controlling their steps but if the horse gets lost in communication with it’s rider, it knows to stop at a fence as it knows the fence is it barrier.

Rabbit Fencing

Wild rabbits are costing a lot of farmers a lot of money every year through crop damage. Our rabbit fencing prevents the access of rabbits into your land to keep your crops growing. Our netting is made from galvanised wire, this stops the rabbits from being able to chew through the fencing and makes it impossible for them to squeeze through with it being a strong and sturdy material.

We can install your netting in various shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs. This fencing is great for those who want to prevent the access of rabbits to their crops but in a painless way. The wire we use is harmless to the rabbits as it acts as a simple barrier from them being able to enter the premises.

Badger, Otter & Deer Netting

Badgers, otters and deer, oh my! We know these wild animals can put a bit of stress on farmers who are have their own live stock and grow their own crops. Otters are constantly after the fish in their ponds, badgers are after the lovely crops grown by the farmer and deer can damage woodland and small animal habitats.

Our fencing prevents any of those animals entering these areas with a special design which stretches underneath the ground to stop otters and badgers from digging into the ground. We bury the otter and badger fencing about 50cm into the ground, to make sure they have no way of getting into the area. This fence also features an outward lean which prevents climbing. Our deer fencing is installed at a certain height to prevent them from jumping into the area. Our strong deer fences last up to 4 years, giving you plenty of time to protect your land.

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