Manual Swing Gates

Our manual swing gates are great if you’re looking for an extra sense of security, whether for your car park or to prevent access from unauthorised areas.

A manual swing gate offers high security for places such as car parks as it boasts a sturdy arm to prevent access to unauthorised areas. This gate can be locked in an open and closed position, providing peace of mind during overnight periods when a car park would not be in use. As well as car parks, manual swing gates are a useful for domestic use to prevent car theft and site access.

Manual Sliding Cantilever Gates

Depending on the layout of your property, whether commercial or domestic, we will need to assess which gate suits you best. Since swing gates are fitted with side hinges and slide gates on tracks. For example, if your drive slopes upwards towards your property this would prevent the installation of side-hinged gates that swing inwards, which would mean a slide gate would be a more practical option.

Sliding gates guarantee you a higher level of security. Sliding gates also take up less room whilst in operation and also gives full driveway access even if approaching at an angle. Give us a call today if you want to find out about the types of materials we offer with our swing and sliding gates and colour options.

Vehicle Barrier Gates

Vehicle barrier gates are a low maintenance and cost effective way of controlling access to unauthorised areas manually. These barriers can be installed in either red or yellow powder coated tubular steel. They are able to span road widths of up to 7m, making them great for any typical car park.

These barriers are quick to install and simple to operate.Having plenty of experience when it comes to the installation, we can have your barrier up and running in no time. All of our barriers are designed, built and tested in Britain.

Raising Arm Barriers

A popular and quick to install choice for those who want to keep unauthorised persons out of their car parks, the raising arm barrier offers a sense of control for the car park, safety and security. This barrier is simple to operate and manufactured from high quality steel. These barriers are designed to last for a long time, providing a smooth and consistent operation throughout their life span.

These cost effective barriers can be controlled from a manned security point or by using a wide range of access control systems such as proximity cards, keypads and intercoms, just to name a few. If you don’t have the access control systems which are usable with these barriers, take a look below at our access control services.


Very popular for train stations, college entrances, office buildings and so on, turnstiles restrict those without the right equipment, e.g. a pass, ticket, coin or similar, to enter the premises. These barriers can be available as a stand alone system or add-on to other access control systems.

Our turnstiles come fully equipped with an alarm to alert staff of anyone trying to break through the barrier. These barriers are almost indestructible, with their steel panels and glass doors. You want have to worry about anyone jumping over the barriers as they are installed at an awkward height to obstruct anyone from getting over the gates.

Full Automation

An automated security gate is a great help to those who constantly have vehicles coming in and out of their premises. They also stop unauthorised persons from entering the car park or building as well unauthorised vehicles. We offer high quality and fashionable looking gates which look great for commercial and domestic use.

We use state of the art products to combine reliability with professional performance at a competitive price. Compared to manual gates, automated security gates are a more secure option. You can’t rely on your manual gate being shut all the time, whereas with an automated gate you can operate it remotely.

Access Control

Our wide range of access control installations work with a variety of our other services. Such as timed open and close for your automatic gate. If a timed open and close doesn’t sound like enough security, we also install GSM systems. With these devices, you can either dial in a code to open your gate or use a remote control.

For your commercial property, we can install and supply a proximity card reader, ideal for security. These are a very popular access control system to have in the workplace. Protect your building with an intercom system, or even better, a video intercom to get a better idea of the person at the door. We also install and supply materials for free exit loops. They sense when a vehicle has passed over a loop in the ground, which notifies your gate to open automatically.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

ANPR technology is used to help detect, disrupt and deter crime in your area. ANPR provides any missing links of evidence in the investigation of a crime. It is used by law enforcement agencies throughout the country. The way it works is a vehicle passes the ANPR camera, it’s registration plate is then read and instantly checked on the database records of vehicles of interest.

We can supply and install these cameras on motorways, busy streets, car parks and police cars. We stock the camera you need to prevent criminals from getting away with their crimes. These cameras are no hassle to install and can be up in no time to keep your community at peace.

Height Restrictors

A simple yet effective barrier, height restrictors are specifically designed to allow access to cars and light vehicles into a site. This type of barrier is designed to keep vehicles of a certain height out of the site e.g. trucks and lorries. For those with larger vehicles who want to enter the site, a maximum height restriction is labelled in the centre of the barrier.

This type of barrier can cause a fair bit of damage to vehicles which exceed the height restrictions. The boom is made of aluminium, causing anything in it’s path to suffer the consequences. Your boom can be finished with either white and red stripes or yellow and black, these colours are nicely visible to drivers so that they are aware of the barrier.

Concrete Road Blockers

A great cost effective and versatile way to reduce traffic, concrete road blockers can be used on roads and motorways. They can also be used to restrict vehicle access at a wide range of commercial and residential properties. The blockers themselves weigh around 2 tons, making it essential to hire a set of professionals with the right equipment to install and supply them for you.

Our blockers are available for purchase or for hire. They feature fork-lift compatible grooves, for a speedy installation.

Fixed & Removable Bollards

Our fixed and removable bollards are made from indestructible steel. They guarantee safety and protection for your building and staff by preventing any unauthorised access and parking. These bollards provide a nice look as well as functionality.

These bollards are great for, play and parking areas, pavements and as a deterrent to ram raiders. We are able to supply these bollards with a galvanised finish. We are also able to install them for you straight away.

Metal, Wooden & Resin Bollards

We supply bollards in range of materials to give you the sense of security you need. Whether it’s metal, wooden or resin, we have the bollard to suit your building. Metal bollards are great for separating pedestrians from traffic or for demarcation purposes.

Our wooden bollards come in a variety of styles to suit your specific needs. Their style also according to their use. They can be installed in a simple light weight timber bollard for demarcation use or for protecting vulnerable points like corners of buildings that could be accidentally hit by vehicles.

Resin bollards, drop down into the ground when not in use. They can also have static bollards to match.

Telescopic Bollards

Telescopic security posts are super effective when it comes to keeping unwanted vehicles out and keeping vehicles on site. These posts can be designed as removable, unhinged or locked into place, whichever suits your needs best. Even though they can be installed as removable posts, this doesn’t mean that thefts or vandals can remove the posts themselves. Telescopic posts are installed with a lock so that only you can remove them whenever you want.

Whether it’s for a car park or driveway, telescopic security posts offer a great sense of security with their strong material and height. These bollards only look small but prove to be very useful when protecting your site from unwanted vehicles and intruders. With them being of a certain height, this makes it impossible for cars to drive through or over them as the car will immediately be put to a stop by the bollards.

Parking Hoops

We can help protect your car park by being able to supply and install heavy duty, galvanised parking hoops. These bollards permanently restrict access to an area(s) chosen by you. They feature a clean and simple design to make them suitable for any location, to help create a better landscape.

These barriers come with an overall length of just under 1500mm and a weight of around 30kg. These indestructible measurements make it impossible for vehicles to break into the premises with these bollards installed.

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