Our excavation service includes, ponds, lakes, footings, foundations, riding arenas, foot bridges and dipping platforms. We have the equipment in house and skills to fulfil your needs. With foundations, we are able to dig out a small trench where we then lay concrete to a certain depth and then build up from the trench in block work until ground level.

If you would like to hear more about our excavation services, please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Site Clearance

Before construction starts, you need a clean site to build on. Our site clearance service is the perfect solution to any complex, big or small, that needs a clear up. With our experienced team we are able to remove materials such as tarmac, steel, general waste, wood and more!

We are also able to dispose of the waste for you so you don’t have to worry about any of the process, sit back and leave it to us!


Before you have your foundation laid, you firstly need to think about having a footing laid. Footings are made from concrete to provide a bed for the foundation to be laid and prevent settling. This type of footing can also be used for fence post, garage and home building applications.

We are able to lay the footings professionally and successfully to create the perfect base for your foundations to be laid.


Once you’ve had your land surveyed, we are able to start the process of digging foundations. We have our own equipment to use for your foundation plan as well as an experienced team.

We start the process by digging out a trench to a level agreed with the building inspector on site. Then, concrete is laid to depth of at least 150mm. To finish off, blocks are laid up to finished floor level.


Having a concrete floor in your garage is a more sturdy option for parking your car inside and keeping large amounts of storage in heavy boxes. Having a concrete floor in your garage will prevent any storage from damaging the surface with it being the strongest material you can have for your floor.

Interior industrial concrete surfaces are perfect for commercial properties such as warehouses, manufacturers and even vet clinics. We take into consideration the size of your work area, what machinery will be used in the room and that the equipment we use is right for the job.

Drainage & Trenching

We can dig out trenches into all shapes and sizes. This is thanks to the machinery that we have in house. Trenches nowadays are useful for sports fields and agriculture. They prevent soil from becoming saturated, which is the best way to get the maximum yield of crops from the ground. With sports fields, trenches are used to prevent the field from becoming waterlogged, keeping the facility perfect for all sporting activities.

Our drainage services are very useful to those working in agriculture. We ensure that we offer the correct drainage solution to suit your demands and your land. Our land drainage is used to cure waterlogged areas in gardens or other landscaped areas. We use perforated pipes to allow water to enter through small perforations. This stops water from getting into any areas it shouldn’t be and free to flow away unhindered to the point of disposal.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are useful for holding back soil and rocks which will protect your landscape from erosion and runoff, that’s if they are well placed and well designed. We guarantee an excellent service from start to finish. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team of builders who will assist you through the entire process of installing your retaining wall.

Whether it’s curved, block or a mortared stone wall you’re after, we supply all the materials needed to carry out any retaining wall installation listed above.


Sleepers add a lovely sense of character to your garden with their authentic and rustic look. We have a selection of sleeper sizes to choose from in softwood or hardwood. You can even have the choice of new or reclaimed railway sleepers.

Not only do we supply the sleepers but also lay them in your garden for you. Having these sleepers laid in place properly by professionals allows for better positioning and no risk of you hurting yourself from carrying the sleepers.


Gabions provide a strong and long lasting retaining solution to bigger and more built up landscapes which need more than your average restraining wall to block an area off. We offer a selection of different stone in-fills which you can choose from for your gabion. We also provide our mesh baskets in a range of sizes, from being as small as 0.5m² to as large as 2m². Our actual mesh wires vary in diameter. The wires can be either welded or woven, galvanised or plastic coated, depending on application.

We start by visiting the location where you want the wall to be built. We will then be able to figure out what the correct sizing would be, what the best material would be to use and an idea for the initial design process to get the vision rolling.


An interesting alternative to a regular concrete path, grasscrete adds a sense of character to your landscape as well as being durable. This type of construction offers significant structural advantages over precast concrete and plastic systems. Grasscretes can handle up to 40 tonnes gross vehicle weight as well as resisting any differential or uneven settlement.

Grasscrete can be great for many traffic related specifications, such as maintenance access, emergency access, highway verges and pull-ins and vehicle parking for daily or over-spill use. To avoid too much disruption, have us, a team of professionals with the right materials to get the job done for you.

Horse Riding Arenas

By combining our construction skills and equipment together, we can build you the horse riding arena you’ve always wanted. Whether you want it to be inside or outside, our team can help you with everything you need to know.

We make sure the groundwork’s are correct to ensure a smooth and successful build. We are able to supply and install your build from start to finish.

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