Specialist School Fencing

When it comes to finding the right fence to protect your school or park, being able to guarantee the best security and safety for pupils and teachers is our top priority. We know it can be quite a complicated task to find the right fence which is why we want to help you get on the right path to finding the most ideal fence to install at your school.

Our school fencing has been developed to cover all requirements of the modern day school design. We can install and supply a bespoke and ROSPA approved fence to suit any school.

Ball Courts

We design and install any type of ball court fencing to suit your location. This type of fencing can range in height to cater to any light impact sport. Whether you need the fencing to be placed inside or outside, we supply a range of materials to give on-lookers and areas around the court a sense of protection. In order to stop the netting on the fence from sagging, a top rail is put in place with a tension wire running along the fence line to keep the chain link taut.

All of our ball court fencing features a welded mesh with a galvanised finish. This fencing is guaranteed to last 25 years or longer. As well installing and supplying the fence we can also install a gate to allow entrance into your court.

Anti-trap Bow Top Fencing

We supply and install panels which are known as anti-trap bow top fencing. This restricts children from trying to put their heads through railings. These panels are manufactured using welded tubular pale through rail design to offer a strong structure without visible joints and vandal proof connectors.

These ROSPA approved panels feature tighter gaps between each hoop to prevent children getting their heads, necks or limbs stuck between pales.

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